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Tag: Isabel FID

Wild wigs and flowery shirts

I recently found this light blond wig in the wig box. It’s one of the last Monique wigs I found before the company closed. Judith’s hairstyle is still something I

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Monday shirts

Another stripy shirt-Monday. I have been playing a bit with combinations, and I found a blue knit that looked like a good match for one of the stripe pattern colors.

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More wigs for Judith

I received a couple more wigs last week. A lighter grey, two in the same light brown and a short strawberry blonde one with the same cut she has been

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Hairy dilemma

I am asking for your opinion today. It’s a hairy dilemma, so to speak. When I “create” a character, complete with look and backstory, changing anything about the initial look

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Yellow tulips

A while ago a lovely customer brought me a bunch of yellow tulips. They still brighten up my living room and cheer me up every time I look at them.

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Hairy experiments

Time for hairy experiments again. Many years ago I made Stella’s wig from mohair, which I dyed with henna. So I knew that using “human” hair dye on natural fiber

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More sweaters

More sweaters :). Rachel wears a very lady-like white sweater with lace trim. I have to make some more clothes for her, she doesn’t have nearly as much as the

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Happy New Year!

I wish you all a healthy, happy and wonderful 2020! Tristania, Eryn and Judith start the new year warm and cuddly, all three of them have new sweaters. I had

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Just some new clothes

Just some random pictures of stuff I finished recently. I made lots of hats, and Bell picked one with grey stripes that almost looks silvery.   Judith has a new

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Just some outfits

Just a couple of clothes I finished.   The pink shirt-grey leggings combination is for my friend balljointedwoman, who wanted to see more of the curvy body. :-). Roux and

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Babes and boots

The post title sounds like something out of a biker magazine, but my babes are fully dressed. I sometimes amuse myself with viewing the blog statistics, and there are some

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Judith Hofer

Judith Hofer is an Iplehouse FID Isabel on the curvy body in normal skin. She joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2019. Judith is married to Gideon Hofer.

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Box opening

Oops, I did it again… Seriously, I thought I wasn’t going to buy more dolls. But then Iplehouse came up with the curvy FID body. And since the nYid body

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