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More wigs for Judith

I received a couple more wigs last week. A lighter grey, two in the same light brown and a short strawberry blonde one with the same cut she has been wearing before. The light brown wigs turned out to be darker and more reddish than I had expected from the pictures, but one can always use wigs in that size, right?


I like the light grey, but I think I will try this one on Rose when she arrives.


These are the light brown ones. I like the color, but not on her, really. Even though they bring out her freckles. I wish they weren’t quite so reddish.



And last but not least the strawberry blonde one. With this one she wouldn’t need a complete change of style. Xanadu commented on the last wig post, this very simple hair style had an innocence about it that suited her, and that is why I chose it. I just didn’t find the words to describe what I wanted to achieve. The more wigs I try on her, the more unsure I am about her future style. Dang. Oh well, maybe everybody needs one of those capricious dolls….


Strawberry blonde

8 thoughts on “More wigs for Judith”

  1. The reddish ones have the same effect as the light brown one I think, they probably don’t emphasize the character you gave her. Maybe, bangs after all? 🙂 The strawberry blonde colour suits her, it’s soft and young looking. I still like gray on her as well though. I’m no help, am I lol! In any case, shoulder length hair looks gorgeous on Judith, it goes very well with her fine shaped little face.

    1. Thank you! Yes, shoulder length looks good on her, and it’s easy to manage and not too heavy. I like the strawberry blonde, too. Maybe I’ll change her style gradually, first same cut but blonde… Wig rotation, haha. Or maybe I should skip the wig and give her a Tuechl.

  2. Well, I must admitt the strawbery blonde suits her. And the bangs… looks really good. I can’t belive I said that. xD

  3. I like the wavy one, to be honest, but the strawberry blonde is nice. The only thing is that it looks as if it’s slightly bigger than ideal, but I think it’s because it hasn’t been combed enough, if that makes sense? But the colour and the bangs look great on her!

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