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I am asking for your opinion today. It’s a hairy dilemma, so to speak.

When I “create” a character, complete with look and backstory, changing anything about the initial look makes me feel uneasy. I don’t even know why, but once a doll has been introduced I don’t like to change the hair or eye color. If the face-up needs to be re-done, that’s different, but changing wigs at random just to see how it looks just doesn’t seem to feel right. Out of character, somehow. I usually end up putting the original wig back on, even if I change it for a picture.

But Judith’s hair bugged me from the start. Except for the boys and Mailin none of my dolls have bangs, and I thought I should give at least one of the small mature ladies a hair style with bangs. Just for a change. And I do like Judith’s wig, it looks kind of plain and unglamorous, and that works well with her story. But every time I look at her I feel there’s something missing, as if I was keeping her from developing her full potential. Plus, the color makes her look very pale. But when I do change her hair she might look less like her character. I am probably just weird to spend such a lot of thought on this.

So I am asking you. Should I give her a new look? This is how she looks now. Straight, shoulder long brown hair with bangs.


Judith’s original hairstyle with bangs.


I have a couple of wigs I like on her. My personal favorite is the grey one, but she looks very pretty with the light brown as well. The dark brown is closest to her original color, but this very dark tone has the effect as far as the pale look is concerned. I will give the grey wig some proper curls, it has that combination of light waves and straight ends I don’t really like.



This is the grey wig after I gave it some curls. It would probably look too glamorous for her character in a different color, but the grey seems to keep it kind of plain looking and emphasizes her features instead. Even though it is a mass of hair. Or am I just imagining things? The brown wig with bangs is certainly the one that is the most manageable. So what do you think?




And since I didn’t show this before, some pictures of a new dress I made for Judith a while ago.


22 thoughts on “Hairy dilemma”

  1. For me, the problem with the wig with bangs is that there seems to be a bump in it that alters the shape of her head? Otherwise I think it would look ok. Of the others, I like the light brown, it suits her colouring. It’s a very safe choice though. The grey would be my next choice. And I under stand your thinking. I often body swap, and feel a bit weird if I change to a curvy/tall/slim body that’s very different to the original. But sometimes it just works so much better than the original, and then I can’t see them on any other body type!

    1. Now that you say it I can see the bump, but I think I just didn’t put it on right. One side covers the ears, the other doesn’t. Thank you! The light brown does look nice, and if it wasn’t for her character story I might have picked that.

  2. Mmmm… The bangs are hard maintenance, and yeah, I agree with Jenjoy’s comment about the “bump”. I was looking at the photo and couldn’t quite pinpoint the issue. You can also try the “parted bangs” in which you part the bags in the middle so there is still a bit of forehead, but also forehead.
    Now, regarding your wigs, I like the warm brown (top row, right hand)–to me it goes very well with her blush!

  3. Lisa Muniz Stephenson

    I love the grey look! And without the bangs, her sweet face is framed softer. Her new dress is beautiful 💙

  4. Dolls, like real humans, come with a skin tone. And some colors work better with certain skin tones. And the lighter brown just works better with your girl’s skin tone like it or not.

    1. You are right. Reading all your comments makes me think I should just forget about “plain” and go for the light brown. 😉 That’s why I asked.

  5. I like the light brown or the gray the best on Judith 🙂 And she looks lovely without the fringe too, her face is very pretty and soft with the loose hair framing it. The dress is very cute as well.

  6. Barbara Richards

    These wigs all have too much hair in my op. I’d thin them way out to give her a more realistic look because she is that beautiful

  7. Well I guess I’m the odd one Mia, because I love her original look, she has an innocence that you don’t often see on an Iplehouse doll of this size. Maybe you should try the same style, but in a lighter brown and grey? However, when all is said and done, she only needs to come up to your own expectations of her, not everyone else’s.
    Love the dress and I’m pleased to see you are still being so creative.
    Big hugs,

    1. Oh, you are back! Thank you for saying that, that was the reason I chose it in the first place. I have a couple more wigs on the way, maybe one of them will be “it”.

  8. I don’t like bangs so I’m for changing her look for sure. 😉
    And I like light brown. On the other hand dark brown hair makes her look like a Snow White. 🙂

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