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Just some outfits

Just a couple of clothes I finished.


The pink shirt-grey leggings combination is for my friend balljointedwoman, who wanted to see more of the curvy body. :-). Roux and Queenie invited Judith to join their dance class.



6 thoughts on “Just some outfits”

  1. A couple? It would take me a month or more to produce that much! πŸ˜€ Love the pink and gray leggings combo. The curvy body looks very natural, not at all the exaggerated curves I feared. She looks like a real woman. If I buy another FID female I'll seriously consider the curvy body.

    Judith's outfits all fit with her story and I love Roux's sweater. Did you knit it? If you did, I shudder to think how tiny the knitting needles were.

    So when will we see photos of the dance class?

  2. Thank you :). It took a while to make them all ;). The curvy body is a downsized nYID body, and it's not exaggerated at all. I didn't knit Roux sweater, it's a very soft knit fabric. Not as easy to work with as jersey, but it's very soft and thin. Haha, I think I need to make dance outfits for the other girls as well.

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