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Tag: Oscar

Sweet sins and bad habits

Leander’s favorite breakfast :). Eating Nutella by the spoon is probably a bad habit, but Leander just can’t resist. Thank god dolls don’t have to worry about their teeth or

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New clothes for Leander

I am currently working on some new outfits for Leander. He had just his artist’s outfit, a striped shirt and his shoes, and since he could wear SID guy stuff

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So much for male domination

It’s a men’s world they say. My guys beg to differ. Not only are they seriously outnumbered, they are also neglected when it comes to sewing clothes. One of my

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Autumn knit

It’s getting chilly outside. Time for knit wear. First Corvin. I made a cable-knit sweater in cream white for him. He’s wearing suit pants from freedom teller with it. Alasdair

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Bouquets, sepia and stripes

It’s been a while, I had some nasty computer trouble and wasn’t able to post for a while. But I finished another batch of clothes, shirts, dresses and some jewelry.

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Leander Luna Andersson

Leander Luna Andersson is an Iplehouse nYID Oscar in normal skin. He joined his cousin Ruben and the Moonchild community in 2015. Leander is an artist.

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