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Leander’s new jacket and the beginnings of a boob job

I am working on a lot of stuff, but most of it is not completed, and I am afraid it will take a while.

But Leander at least has a new jacket and another striped shirt. I just realized I put his wig back on with the parting on the wrong side after removing it to close the necklace. How very embarrassing. But he looks nice either way, so I hope he doesn’t have an identity crisis over this mishap.

Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson
Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson


And I started working on the chest piece of my new Raccoon doll Lara. It’s going to be an original Raccoon doll’s original raccoon tattoo. And I am having a lot of fun with it, but there’s still a bit of work to do on this one. Sort of the ultimate pro artist statement ;D
Raccoondoll Lara – Bell Jones

5 thoughts on “Leander’s new jacket and the beginnings of a boob job”

  1. Very nice jacket and shirt. What sort of fabric did you use for the jacket? If you hadn't mentioned Leander's part being on the wrong side I wouldn't have noticed–I was too busy studying his clothes.

    I am madly in love with the Raccoon chest piece. The raccoon face is incredibly realistic–not to mention awfully cute. What's left to do on it? More color for the roses and swords? You do realize Lara will need to wear deep décolletage to show off your artwork. You don't want to go to all that effort and then cover it up. I hope you post the finished work on Raccoon's gallery. He'll be very impressed.

  2. It's jersey. I didn't notice either, just when I saw it on the picture something looked wrong.

    And it is soo small. It's incredibly difficult to work in this super small scale. Ruben's chest was cake compared to this. You are right, the roses and swords will get color, and I'll add some more detail here and there. And she'll get deep decolletage :). I will post it on his gallery. I would love to know what he thinks about it, but I doubt he'll tell me :).

  3. I'd love to see this design on Raccoon's doll boxes. Yes, the David and Venus designs are fun, but this is stunning. And it does say "Original" after all.

    I hear you about how hard it is to work in this scale. I tried to do a flower design on my Doll Chateau Ada's antlers and ended up wiping it because it just wouldn't work. It takes super tiny brushes, endless patience and the eyesight of an eagle to paint that small. Ada ended up with white dots on a blue background–that's all I could manage.

  4. Leander is a very handsome man <3
    But this Tattoo…just wow this is beautiful, not only the work itself, which is amazing, but also the message behind it!! <3 love it

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