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Autumn knit

It’s getting chilly outside. Time for knit wear.

First Corvin. I made a cable-knit sweater in cream white for him. He’s wearing suit pants from freedom teller with it.

Iplehouse Edan – Corvin Luna Morgenstern

Alasdair got a new sweater, too. He liked this jacquard knit, and it’s very warm and soft. But he forgot to set aside the glasses for the picture. He agreed to let me post it, he is not that vain, even though he normally doesn’t want to be photographed wearing them.

Iplehouse Shane – Alasdair Luna McLean

Leander borrowed one of Ruben’s sweaters, but it nearly drowned him. But he likes the colour and asked if I could make one in this tone for him. I guess I will.

Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson

Ruben got it back.

Iplehouse Rex – Ruben Luna Andersson

Neala is starting to wear shoes again. She usually spends the summer barefooted. Since the sun is still warm she decided a tunic and shawl will be enough for now.

Iplehouse Isar – Neala Luna McLean

Sophia felt inspired by the blue notes. She got a new cardigan and a dress made from left over fabric to go with it.

Iplehouse Leona – Sophia Luna Andersson


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