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New clothes for Leander

I am currently working on some new outfits for Leander. He had just his artist’s outfit, a striped shirt and his shoes, and since he could wear SID guy stuff making new clothes for him wasn’t a priority. Somehow I forgot about plans I had for him and he has been wearing the same outfit for ages.
But following my resolution to pay more attention to the guys I started with a set of patterns and pants, a shirt and a jacket. There’s more to come, but I am still working on it.

But the blue shirt, his new striped pants (those were made to fit Corvin as well) and this new jacket are the first to be finished. I cut an old vest for the striped pants, and the fabric turned out to look a bit bulky on his slim hips. I am not quite content with the look, and it might work better on Corvin with his more muscular build.

Leander is an artist and he is always happy to find something with interesting details.


Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson
Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson
Iplehouse Oscar – Leander Luna Andersson

6 thoughts on “New clothes for Leander”

  1. Nice work! I love striped pants on guys. They don't look bulky to me, just a bit long. Of course, this opinion comes from someone who hasn't paid attention to male fashions in a long, long time, so I'm definitely not "au courant" with what men are wearing. I like the brown and metal details on the jacket. Can't wait to see what else you add to the mix.

  2. You are right, they are a bit long. I made them to fit SID proportions as well and forgot to fold the hem in. I'm not up to date with men's fashion either. Next will be a mixed fabric jacket and brown pants, some more shirts and maybe a cardigan. I would really love to find some seperating jacket zippers with small nylon teeth and pull. For some garments I would prefer zippers over buttons.

  3. Well doesn't he look smart! I love the blue shirt, and the pants don't look too bad, just a little long in the leg.

  4. Fletcher Pattern Company (Designs by Jude) has 14.5cm separating zippers but they don't have nylon teeth. Jacket zippers usually look more industrial, though, don't they? There are only 4 colors offered. They also have 14.5cm regular zippers with small nylon teeth and tiny metal pulls that are the same colors as the zippers. These have lots of colors to choose from and might be useful for other projects.

  5. Thank you! I might try metal ones. I have regular zippers in more colors and lengths than I could possibly use, but unfortunately the company I got them from doesn't offer the same as seperating zippers.

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