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Screw ups, happy campers and box openings

Iplehouse did a summer sale. They really shouldn’t do that. I hadn’t planned these, or at least not this year. But..oh well. I am usually really good at resisting temptations. But somehow it’s resin versa reason with Iplehouse dolls. Resin wins.

And here’s to people who screw up. I don’t know who you are, dear, but I am extremely grateful that you screwed up. I just love green stickers ;).
I won’t go into detail, but this morning a delivery guy brought two boxes. Right to my doorstep. It usually doesn’t work this way in Germany. What you usually get is a “pick up your parcel and pay” letter from the customs office.

It took Iplehouse only 14 days to finish these. I am in awe. And I even got a hoodie as a gift. I am just so happy I could sing. (I do, actually, and you are lucky you can’t hear me 🙂


Boxopening Lisa, Grace, Oscar and Edan