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Category: BJD pets

Cat Dads

Cats like Gideon and Walden, and they like cats. They are both very gentle guys and I guess cats sense that. I took the pictures on two different days, and

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Stoner the pooch

Everett’s back exit seems to attract strays. A little while ago Everett heard strange noises and went to investigate. He found a large grey mutt rummaging through the trash. The

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Porch diorama finished

I had a good time today. It’s my birthday and I was very lazy, took a day off from work and went shopping for herbs and tiny pots. Unfortunately it’s

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More kitty

Meet Miss Bib. She is the second felted cat, and I tried to avoid the mistakes I made with the first one (let’s call him Tom). Miss Bib is poseable, but

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I have been very productive these last days, but have surprisingly little to show. Almost everything is work in progress. But I did finish one thing: my first attempt at

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Meet Lusitano Raziel

As you might remember, I started to work on a BJD horse customization a while ago. This is how it all started- customizing an Our Generation Boho horse In the

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Mini girl and maxi horse

Raffine shipped much faster than I expected, and I fetched her from the customs office on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure if the size would feel right, but I actually love

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