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Fritz the dog and cats in the hobby

Why humans are in the hobby is a question that has been asked and answered many times. But why are cats? In most box opening videos or photos cats have a cameo appearance, wether they are rummaging through new enticing cardboard homes or taking an active interest in wig choices – they seem to be part of the hobby.
I can’t arrange props for photos without my cat having an opinion if they look better standing or upside down, help is also offered with artistic fabric folds while trying to cut pattern pieces. SD hands have perfect head scratching height, and a picture is only perfect with a cat’s tail in it. They’re definitely in the hobby.

But here I am talking about cats when I wanted to introduce Fritz, who is a dog. Peregrin’s dog, to be exact, and a dog with very frizzy fur, hence the name. He is my first attempt at needle felting, and I will probably make another one- without repeating the mistakes I made with this one. I should have used different fur, this stuff looks weird, and his muzzle kind of shrunk. But for now, he is Fritz, and Peregrin loves him. I will take some daylight-pictures of the two, these are lamplight illuminated, and it shows.

I am glad I had the camera ready to capture this family with slightly surreal scaling differences. My cat Elena photo-bombed this one. It was as if she thought “I should be in this picture.” Perfect posing.
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2 thoughts on “Fritz the dog and cats in the hobby”

  1. Great job on needle felting Fritz! I imagine you used doll eyes, but what did you use for the nose? Did you build him on a wire armature? I'm very impressed, especially for a first attempt at needle felting. (I bought a kit once to create needle felted pumpkins. Many years later I still haven't tackled it.)

    Your cat is beautiful, but the scale is something else! 😀

  2. Thank you :). I used one of the many cracked pairs of default Iple eyes. He has a foam covered wire armature for the torso, and the legs are also wired. His nose is just a blob of acrylic paint. 😀 My cat loves the dog. I had to rescue it from her play attacks.

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