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I have been very productive these last days, but have surprisingly little to show. Almost everything is work in progress. But I did finish one thing: my first attempt at needle felting a cat (Three more are in the making- this is fun!)

Not quite happy with the result yet, but very happy with all the things I learned in the process of felting this little bugger. And that’s why I show the kitty anyway despite the flaws.

I was too impatient to wait for the smaller eyes I ordered and used some I already had. They are too large, which makes for a rather nose-heavy result. They are safety-eyes, and although it makes them easier to put in it means you can’t really poke into the head to change the form. Next time I will use smaller eyes. And next time I will use thinner wire for the armature and improve the overall anatomy.

But this kitty will fit nicely in my next diorama.

6 thoughts on “Meow!”

  1. Love your needle-felted kitty! At first glance I thought I saw a larger doll next to a real live cat. And if you hadn't pointed out the things you want/need to fix, I wouldn't have noticed. I've wanted to try needle-felting for years and even bought a simple kit once. It still sits there unopened. Too many projects, too little time. I'll sit here and enjoy looking at yours instead.

  2. Damn, lady, you never cease to amaze me with your skills!! Your dioramas are amazing, and now these needle felted kitties? *dies* That is stunning! I bow before your talent.

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