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More kitty

Meet Miss Bib. She is the second felted cat, and I tried to avoid the mistakes I made with the first one (let’s call him Tom). Miss Bib is poseable, but I guess I shouldn’t try anything extreme. She is a little smaller and her head is more in proportion with the rest.

I guess I will need a sitting one and a sleeping cat… and some cat beds and… haha… But at the moment I am making a dog for a change.

Update: Miss Bib has some new friends :). I think I need to make a page just for all the critters…

Meet the brothers Riff and Raff and an elderly cat lady called Skunkie. Raff is the ginger cat, he is very cuddly and not very bright. His brother Riff on the other hand is smart and a good hunter. Skunkie mostly sleeps and sheds.


7 thoughts on “More kitty”

  1. Much better proportions this time. Miss Bib is adorable. Are you bending her armature each time you want to pose her? I used to have some vinyl dolls that were made that way. Someone on DoA found flexible plastic armatures–I sure wish I could get my hands on some of those!

  2. :-). Thank you. Yes, but I guess I shouldn't do that too often. And it just occured to me that I should probably buy some moth balls. Do you mean cat armatures? Or those white flexible armatures?

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