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Tag: Shane

Autumn knit

It’s getting chilly outside. Time for knit wear. First Corvin. I made a cable-knit sweater in cream white for him. He’s wearing suit pants from

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Saturday story time

Eryn and Solovet needed to go shopping today, so Seraphine and Tristania look after Fiona and Amanthis. They all came over for breakfast. Amanthis loves

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Loads of pictures

Pictures, pictures…. I made this dress as a birthday present for a friend, and since she owns several Iples as well my girls could model

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The sunny lane

I was hoping to take some pictures outside, but now that it’s sunday and I have the time it’s all still too wet from the

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Light bondage

The kids got hold of uncle Alasdair today and tried to turn him into a christmas tree. We wish you all a merry Christmas and

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Alasdair Luna MacLean

Alasdair Luna MacLean is an Iplehouse Shane on a SID model body in normal skin. He joined the Moonchild community in 2014 to be with his girlfriend Seraphine. Alasdair lives with his sisters Eryn and Unnea. He is part of the MacLean family clan.

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