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Long time no see – Alasdair

I know, I have been neglecting the big dolls. But I was really surprised when I realized how long it has been since some of them appeared on the blog. One of those you only met occasionally over the years is Alasdair. He has been with me for nine years now, and he was the fist big male doll in the house. I don’t even know why he didn’t show his face more often, maybe he is especially shy of cameras. But to be honest, it’s probably because I don’t really sew that much for the guys, so I don’t have a “reason” to drag them out of their closet for pictures.

But today I did.

Hello Alasdair, I hope you have been well. Yes? Lovely to hear that.


Alasdair is a geek, really, but he can almost look like a fashion model, don’t you think?



13 thoughts on “Long time no see – Alasdair”

  1. Nice to see him. I am not really drawn to the males but I do like looking at them. They are all so moody

  2. Norma J Jolliffe

    Handsome guy. And as a former owner of a modelling agency: most certainly could be a model! In fact, had one who was a geek….studied Japanese and Japanese culture.

  3. Hello there, Alasdair! πŸ™‚ He looks handsome in that sweater and the shirt with shawl! And I agree, geeks are cool! πŸ˜€

  4. I’ve always been a big fan of Iplehouse sculpts and have purchased a few myself, but not guys, so it’s always good to see a handsome chap on your blog Mia. πŸ™‚
    Big hugs to Alasdair!

  5. Alasdair looks gorgeous, one of those “chic” kind of geeks. I always love how you style your dolls. I love the spelling of his name. I think big dolls are so heavy, sometimes it can be quite the event to have them out to take photos. I’m guilty of doing the same thing with my big dolls.

    1. Thank you! Yes, they are heavy, especially when you got used to the FID size. And I kind of feel guilty about neglecting them, too.

  6. Oh but Alasdair is really photogenic! And I love the clothes you made, honestly!
    Nevertheless, I agree with you–over the years I’ve drifted more towards the smaller dolls and my Blythe, and my poor 40cm doll is literally neglected.

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