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Plaid shirt and new fabric

Do I need more fabric? Not really, but I can always use more. I got this today, basic white cotton popeline for shirts and a grey-beige knitted fabric for sweaters, some beige chambre and the mexican print. I am a bit disappointed that the rapport of the mexican print is not as small as I thought it would be, but I will use it for human sized projects instead. I wish I’d find something like this in small, though.

Sewing for BJD – ResinRapture patterns and tutorials

And Alasdair is next in line to get new stuff, I started with making a plaid shirt for him. Plaid shirts are tricky, it’s annoying if the pattern is not properly aligned at the seams. I had this fabric for ages, the lavender is maybe not the most masculine, but Alasdair doesn’t mind.



And this is the result of my inability to throw away left overs. Only if they are very tiny, but if they might be useful I keep them. And they are useful, if you need some decoration or a gift.

4 thoughts on “Plaid shirt and new fabric”

  1. Great job of matching the plaid in the shirt! I like the color, even if it's not masculine.

    Ah, what's more fun than new fabric? And as you said, you can use the larger prints for human projects. I save my tiny scraps to dress my Realpukis. Even the tiniest pieces can be used in a patchwork quilt for dolls. The heart is very pretty.

  2. Thank you :). As styx above you commented, Seraphine will probably borrow it and never give it back :D. Too bad more fun and no space somehow lead to storing problems..

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