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Tag: Grace

Tiered dress for Tabea

I was in the mood to make something fun, feminine and young. Since Seraphine already got her new dress, Tabea is the girl who will be the lucky winner. My

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Long time no see

It’s been a while since I took pictures of the big girls, they have not been out of the closet for months. Time to change that. After working with Blythe

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One cut – three dresses

Same pattern for three dresses. What I like about this cut is that it looks nice both ways – fitting tight or loosely, and with a variety of fabric, embellishments

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Lace and grace

Ok, it’s Tabea now, not Grace anymore. I finished this lace babydoll today. It’s basically just my bustier-pattern (which I will post in the pattern section soon) and a length

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Just my flapper girl Tabea

Happy holidays! I finally had the time to finish another flapper dress for Tabea. This one took some time. The combination of stretchy lace over non stretchy satin and all

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A new handbag

I don’t own one myself because I never needed one- my keys are chained to my belt hoops – and that’s why I don’t think of handbags as an essential

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Morgenstern picture spam

Just some pictures I took today. Corvin wears the shirt I finished today. I am not quite satisfied with the fit, there’s definitely room for improvement. The collar and front

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Tabea Luna Morgenstern

Tabea Luna Morgenstern is an Iplehouse Grace on a medium bust nYID body in normal skin. She is Calliope’s mother and joined the Moonchild community in 2015.

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