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Terrible hairdos and sisterly love

Tabea had fun today. Or rather, I had fun with an updo wig I got at a reduced price, probably because it’s a mixture between a fifties wifey dream and just a very tacky – or should I say cheesy- hairdo. All in pink. Ahhh, all that kitsch.

So, enjoy 😉



And the Morrigan sisters wanted a group photo, but it started to rain just the moment I had them arranged, so they look kind of dark.


BJD group – ResinRapture story time






2 thoughts on “Terrible hairdos and sisterly love”

  1. I for one like the updo, probably because I remember when it was popular. Tabea looks lovely in it. (Now, if it were a beehive hairdo I would have reason to laugh. I have not-so-fond memories of that one, because it was mostly the trashy girls who wore it.)

  2. It kind of was a beehive hairdo, I already changed the original look. I like updos without this big fringe, but this one just made me laugh. But anyway, Tabea looks good in almost everything.

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