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Shirts for the big girls – Tabea

Before I really start a post about the new shirts I need to vent a little about the new blogger version.

I thought it might just offer some new features and tried it. It’s a complete mess. Apart from the things that don’t work, the design and structure is just terrible. Very unintuitive, very complicated ways to do very essential and simple things.
Who hides the ‘New post’ function somewhere down in a corner? You can only find it if you use your browser in full-screen mode and scroll all the way down your existing post list.
They turned a very clear and functional tool into something you can’t really work with, even if you just want to write very simple blog posts with some text and a picture.

I am not one to dismiss things just because they are new, but this is a completely unnecessary transformation from a tool you could work with into a messy conglomeration of buttons to give the whole thing a smartphone look. I didn’t try everything, but I browsed the support forums. They are full of complaints about technical issues and bugs. I very much hope they keep the old blogger version as an option. I’d rather pay for the old version than being forced to use the new blogger.

But now for a much more pleasant topic… new doll stuff 🙂

Following up on my promise to sew more for the large dolls again I started with some new shirts.

One of the things I like better about the large dolls is their eye size, or rather the variety of colors available. The large-doll shirt dyeing experiments aimed at getting results that matched the eye color of the new owner, and I am quite happy with the combinations.

9 thoughts on “Shirts for the big girls – Tabea”

  1. Love the top. The image almost looks like a photo negative of a flower. It's a very attractive effect.

    I've never used a Smartphone so the idea of a new Blogger based on them is terrifying, although I'm intrigued, too. For years I've been toying with the idea of moving my blog to its own website. If I can't manage Blogger's new format it may come to that.

  2. Thank you :). I am pretty sure they will keep the old blogger as an option, given that there are so many complaints about the new version. Blogs on websites are usually still powered by a blog-software, something like blogger or wordpress, they are just redirected to your own domain. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to make new posts, unless you know how to impement the scripts needed for that.

  3. I like the idea of keeping Blogger as it is. All they'd need to do is make a second version specifically for smartphones and leave the existing version alone. Whether the two would be able to talk to one another is their problem, not mine. I have no idea how to implement scripts (?????), so like it or not I guess I'll keep blogging with Blogger.

  4. Let's hope they keep it as an option for those who don't like the new version. This one will be called legacy blogger as far as I know. If it comes to the worst I might move my blog to WordPress. That's basically like a homepage. I know you can import Blogger content into WordPress, but I have no idea how well that works. Maybe WordPress would be an option for you too.

  5. Hi Mia,
    Now you understand why I went off my nut the other day. I honestly don't understand why they cannot leave well enough alone.

    Love the new shirt and the skirt you teamed it up with is great too!
    Big hugs,

  6. I completely understand. and I very much hope they let us keep the old version. They obviously never heard of 'never change a working system'. Thank you 🙂

  7. I agree, the new blogger version is terrible D:
    Anyways, I love the shirt, it looks awesome! I don't know how you managed to get it to work in such a small scale, though!

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