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Tiered dress for Tabea

I was in the mood to make something fun, feminine and young. Since Seraphine already got her new dress, Tabea is the girl who will be the lucky winner. My other large girls are not really the type for this kind of dress, but Tabea loves to wear it.

The dress is made from muslin, light green double gauze with a tiny flower print this time. It closes with a zipper in the back. I wasn’t sure about the boots, but with her dark hair I think they look ok. And I don’t have them in other colors anyway.

Excuse the many pictures, I just couldn’t decide which ones to pick, so I just added them all.

8 thoughts on “Tiered dress for Tabea”

    1. Hi Christine, I am afraid I am not sure what you mean? Whether the pictures show up in the subscription posts per email or not depends on your mail client settings I believe. And at least the featured image shows up in the WordPress-Reader. It might have something to do with the gallery, but I don’t know why you don’t see pictures.

      1. I don’t see any of the pictures when I get an email – it just started for about the last 3 or 4 emails. There is just a blank space where the picture should go. I can see them if I go to the blog, but I usually just read the email.

        1. Thanks for telling me. I will try to look into it, it sometimes happens when there’s an update. Subscription management is done by WordPress, all I can do is decide whether the complete post or just an excerpt is shared. My settings say the complete post is shared, but what happens then happens automatically.

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