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Tag: Audrey

Time for cardigans

I use to change the doll’s clothes when it gets colder- even if they are just standing in their closet. Solovet has a new shirt, and Peregrin doesn’t look particularly

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Romantic flowers for Seraphine

Remember the fabric I ordered to make new summer outfits for the big girls? Seraphine saw the flower fabric and instantly claimed it for her promised dress. Since I ordered

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Long time no see

It’s been a while since I took pictures of the big girls, they have not been out of the closet for months. Time to change that. After working with Blythe

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Posing in pink

I went through my fabric stash this morning and came across this fabric. The petals are a bit too large for the smaller dolls, so I never really made anything

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Merry Christmas!

Light and warmth, comfy cushions, the scent of the Christmas tree and cookies, the crackle of fire in the fireplace… the kids are excited. Tristania just wrapped the last of

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Summer dresses and more fabric

You might recognize the fabric I used for Ludivine’s jersey tunic and the flower poplin Seraphine wears. The fabric was part of the birthday haul.  Seeing all the fabric the

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Merry Christmas

  A merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you have a great time and happy holidays. Christmas preparations… The kids had a lot of fun.   I will

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Loads of pictures

Pictures, pictures…. I made this dress as a birthday present for a friend, and since she owns several Iples as well my girls could model for her.   But since

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Dress update

The trim for Vasilissa’s dress arrived, I accentuated it with bronze beads. Seraphine has a new dress, too. Maybe I’ll add a ribbon to the neckline, it kind of folds

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Work in progress

Slow but steady… I started with this in January, and I’ll add the pictures from the first post again. Since I managed to damage the diorama I made some time

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The sunny lane

I was hoping to take some pictures outside, but now that it’s sunday and I have the time it’s all still too wet from the drizzle this morning. Had to

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Received the shipping notice today, yay! Iple’s been incredibly fast this time. I just hope my new siblings won’t get stuck in customs for weeks now. It would be so

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Dreaming of summer

It was such lovely weather today that I was in the mood for pictures with a summery feel. Unfortunately I have to weed my garden first before I’d want to

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