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Posing in pink

I went through my fabric stash this morning and came across this fabric. The petals are a bit too large for the smaller dolls, so I never really made anything from it. Time to change that. Seraphine hasn’t had anything new for almost two years, and she likes this dusky pink color.

So I cut out a quick and simple dress, took all the sewing stuff out into the garden and set to work. I think I managed to get the first sunburn of the year… my nose looks very red. It’s just warm if you are in the sun, but as soon as you leave the sun it’s still really chilly. Since I am almost always cold I followed the sun – maybe the exposure was a bit too much :-D. Anyway, Seraphine has a new dress and is happy.


10 thoughts on “Posing in pink”

  1. The dusky pink looks great on her. (Audrey was one of my favorites when I collected the larger dolls.) Too bad you didn't have a bit of shade to sit in. A red nose could also suggest you enjoyed the company of a bottle of wine. πŸ˜‰

  2. Thank you :). Lot's of shade to be had, but I wanted the sun, red nose and all. Haha.. true. I never drink, so that's rather unlikely.

  3. The new dress looks really lovely on Seraphine, the colour is perfect for her.
    Ooops on the red nose, I have done this a number of times and even recently, but I fell asleep in the shade and the sun moved around without me knowing. Bright red face! It's good to get a nice dose of Vitamin D though, isn't it!!

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