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Time for cardigans

I use to change the doll’s clothes when it gets colder- even if they are just standing in their closet.

Solovet has a new shirt, and Peregrin doesn’t look particularly happy to pose with his mom. Probably a boy thing.



This cardigan is the very first cardigan I ever made. I knitted it before Tristania arrived, and before I had a chance to take measurements. The neckline is a bit weird, but it’s still warm and comfy.





6 thoughts on “Time for cardigans”

  1. I like that you dress your dolls for the season. πŸ™‚ They look great and cozy warm now. And, I love Solovet’s outfit, it goes well with her glasses. “Weirdos have more fun”, hahaha, and so true lol!

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