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Romantic flowers for Seraphine

Remember the fabric I ordered to make new summer outfits for the big girls? Seraphine saw the flower fabric and instantly claimed it for her promised dress. Since I ordered it with her romantic style in mind I set to work and finished it today. My plan was to take pictures in the garden, but it was so windy that I gave up. Doll wigs and wind just don’t work well together.

But I added a couple of pictures I took this week. Blue and white are the colors of April, with the occasional red, pink and yellow in between.

6 thoughts on “Romantic flowers for Seraphine”

  1. It’s a beautiful dress, I like the little button row in the front and the elegant length of the sleeves. Your plants look lovely as well, nice photos!

    1. Thank you! It’s so easy to work with muslin. I usually prefer long sleeves to prevent yellowing, but I wanted a touch of empire style for this one. My photographic skills are not good enough to capture that, but the tulips looked almost magical and alien in that light.

  2. Lovely Mia! It suits Seraphine perfectly. I love both the print and the style of dress you chose to make. Very feminine and spring like. 😊
    Big hugs,

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