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Tag: AncientTales Rachel

Old rose elegance

As lovely as this little lady is, she just doesn’t want to stand undaided. The peanut joints that connect hip and thighs make her legs

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The shared tiny house

Well, not a complete house, but my 1/6 scale mature tiny dolls have a shared living room now. As most shared rooms the furniture doesn’t

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Hang the witch

Happy Halloween! I really did hang the witch for these. I made a witchy Halloween costume and a broom for her to ride on. I

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More sweaters

More sweaters :). Rachel wears a very lady-like white sweater with lace trim. I have to make some more clothes for her, she doesn’t have

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Just loads of pictures

Just some pictures. Rachel is so small that she doesn’t fit in a doll stand, and while she poses beautifully she can’t really stand on

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Rachel Záhada

Rachel Záhada is an Ancient Tales Rachel, a Russian art doll made by Olga Reingard. She is about 33,5 cm tall. She joined the Otherworldly Others in 2017.

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