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Old rose elegance

As lovely as this little lady is, she just doesn’t want to stand undaided. The peanut joints that connect hip and thighs make her legs wobbly. They seem to want to twist into an elegant sitting position, no matter how hard I try to make her stand. I keep her in her box, and that’s one of the reasons she doesn’t get new clothes that often. 

But since I am on the mission to outfit my most neglected girls, Rachel got something new, too. I had a left over piece of this old rose cotton double gauze, just enough to make a dress for her. She is so small and elegant that a lot of embellishments would overwhelm her, so I kept it simple. But she’s got a pearl necklace to go with it. I like this empire inspired look on her.

Afternoon tea is served, my lady. I admit, the tiny locomotive is not exactly ladylike, and the tea is imaginative, but hey, at least we have a lady, right?

6 thoughts on “Old rose elegance”

  1. She’s definitely a lady. 🙂 The old rose colour really suits her! Bravo on making such small clothing so lovely, Rachel looks beautiful!

  2. She is lovely, and so posed! Could it be that her strings are lose? Maybe thicker strings with a reasonable amount of sueding would make her stand? Also, I love the white/blue outfit!

    1. I am afraid it’s how she’s made. I tried sueding and restringing, and she does stand in heavy boots, but I know from DOA discussions that other owners of Russian art dolls have the same problem. They are beautiful and lovely posers, but standing unaided seems to be a problem for a lot of them. Thank you!

  3. Hi Mia,
    Sorry I didn’t have the time to post earlier, I was on my way out. Rachael sound like she has my problem (I have wobbly legs too) but I haven’t needed a walker yet. LOL! Looks like she needs restringing, pity I can’t do that to me.

    I love this very pretty old rose pink dress on her, she looks very demure and she has a beautiful face. You just need a three tier cake stand and some fine bone china to complete her ladyship’s setting for a high tea and then it would be a perfect shoot.
    Big hugs,

    1. Haha… yes, me too. At least it feels like that. Thank you! I acutally have one of those china sets, but I couldn’t find it when I wanted to take the pictures.

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