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Santa Costume for Rachel

I made a Santa costume for Rachel. I wanted to introduce her first and post this after, but the light is so bad that I just managed to take these before it got too dark.

Her name is Rachel Záhada, and her friends call her Razá. Zahada is Czech for enigma or mystery. She is a sphinx-like lady of many secrets,  and she can be angelic as well as daemonic. She changed her hair colour to blond for fun.


4 thoughts on “Santa Costume for Rachel”

  1. That's a sexy Santa suit! Rachel looks good in it. I wish I had found fake fur in that scale for my own project. I wasn't able to use the trim I bought because it was too wide. Of the two wig colors, I prefer her in brown. Now if only I could pin down which actress she reminds me of. Good job on her face-up!

  2. The white trim is actually fleece. Her normal hair colour is supposed to be the darker one, I just thought different looks would be fun. These are the tiny dollmore wigs I told you about. I don't know which actress, I thought she looks a bit like Meryl Streep. Thank you. I needed that magnifying glass 🙂

  3. I loved her outfit, so pretty! Honestly, she is so gorgeous that all wigs look amazing on her, but I'm particularly fond of the curly light blonde!

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