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Hang the witch

Happy Halloween!

I really did hang the witch for these. I made a witchy Halloween costume and a broom for her to ride on. I tied a transparent cord to her back and hung her from my laundry rack to make her look as if she was flying. Unfortunately the light was not the best, and she tended to turn in circles. I couldn’t find my little pumpkin (my cat found it first, and hid it somewhere), so I used the fruit of my Physalis franchetii instead. At least it’s orange :).


AncientTales Rachel – Rachel Zahada


I didn’t photoshop the cord in these two to show how she was hung.

AncientTales Rachel – Rachel Zahada
AncientTales Rachel – Rachel Zahada

And I just read the news that I have to close my shop for the second time this year. It’s so frustrating, since I have no idea when I can reopen :-(. But at least I will have more time for the dolls…

8 thoughts on “Hang the witch”

  1. Cool! Even with the cord attached it’s not all that visible. I prefer to imagine that you worked your magic and made Rachel fly! (I’m posting for Halloween tomorrow instead of Sunday.)

    It’s a bummer that you have to close again. Especially with the holidays coming. Hopefully it won’t last too long this time.

    1. Thank you! I made her fly, of course I did ;D. Yes, I hope so, too, but I guess I won’t be allowed to work again until next year. Hair dressers are still open, schools are still open. It seems to be a random decision.

  2. I was looking at the photo before reading the first paragraph, and I was like “I’m sure she hanged her on, literally!”. And you did! Anyways, love the photos, they all look great 😀

  3. Everything is perfect – outfit, photos and he of course. 🙂 I use cords for photos like that too. 🙂
    They closed many shops, malls and restaurants here too. Another lockdown… It’s so frustrating.

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