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Madame Constance’s historical inspired couture

I am still working on more bags for the second bag post, but I finished another sewing project. That’s why you get to see lots of white dresses first.

Do you remember that Esmée modeled some dresses for her landlady Madame Constance?

Madame Constance’s historical inspired couture

What I had in mind when I invented that part of Esmée’s back story was something 1880 inspired. Great silhouette for the Raccoon doll body. I didn’t use a pattern or fashion pictures, just an idea I had. Which made it difficult, because I wasn’t sure about the details. I added lace, unpicked it again, started to make undergarments but decided against them, struggled with the whole thing and learned a lot in the process. I hope the result is the combination of strict and high-necked plus feminine curves and soft details I was going for. And Esmée’s hairdo is definitively contemporary tousled.

Esmée just saw the pictures of her first model job and she is excited. Madame Constance’s agency sent their design ideas for the catalog, but they didn’t pick Esmées favorite for the cover. She thinks her hair looks pretty wild in that picture, but maybe they thought it would add the modern touch. What would you have chosen?

Warning: Loads of pictures. I just couldn’t pick a favorite ;). I hope you like them.



When I took the pictures for Esmée’s introduction, I just dressed her in a white dress I already had. But it wasn’t made for Raccoon and doesn’t really fit well. I will add the pictures to this post anyway, because I like the look and you have not seen them.


8 thoughts on “Madame Constance’s historical inspired couture”

  1. Stunning! I love Esmée’s costume it really suits her, she’s such an elegant doll. Do you enjoy making clothes this way? I do, it’s fun to just let the creative side just flow freely, rather than be restricted by a pattern. Did you use a paper serviette to make her fans?
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you! If I enjoy struggling? Not really :D. But seriously, I usually make a pattern according to what I have in mind, and I did for the top. But the folds and drape as well as the little bustle in the back was “free” work. I draped, pinned and cut. I used a muffin paper doily for the fan, and there’s a cake doily in the background.

      1. Try not to think of it as struggling, it’s the way many great designers work!! 😊 It’s only by doing so, that you can really see the best way to drape a particular fabric.

        I thought so, it created a wonderful and original backdrop…clever you!!

    1. Thank you! Taking outdoors pictures of white dresses after three days of rain isn’t the best idea, but I am glad you like the result. I am happy with the way they turned out, and who minds green knees ;D.

  2. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the outfit you made for her. Just perfect.
    And I really love the portraits with the flower in her hair.

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