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Everett dance picture spam

I took such a lot of pictures that I didn’t want to show them all in Everett’s character introduction. Everett is an ex-ballet dancer who had to stop dancing professionally after an ACL injury.
His dancing poses will probably make a real ballet dancer cringe, and I apologize for this.

Just in case you are wondering: Yes, he is wearing a padded dance belt. After I made his dance wear I thought something was looking off, and I guess you know what ;).


4 thoughts on “Everett dance picture spam”

  1. Very cool! I always have problems making ballet poses look real, too, even with a doll that has ballerina legs, feet and hands. Problem is I don't know the positions. I wouldn't have noticed the padded dance belt if you hadn't mentioned it. If his tights were a paler color it might show, but black hides the details. Is that the Iplehouse mohair wig? I bought it in brown and couldn't get it on any of my FID guys. My Lumedoll elf boy is wearing it.

  2. You are right about the black pants. I took a lot more pictures, some with better poses, but I realized to late that one of his eyes was lose and the putty was filling the eye socket. It was already getting too dark to take them all again. The wig is an F-Styler I think. I got it from etsy.

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