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Tag: FID curvy body

More wigs for Judith

I received a couple more wigs last week. A lighter grey, two in the same light brown and a short strawberry blonde one with the same cut she has been

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Hairy dilemma

I am asking for your opinion today. It’s a hairy dilemma, so to speak. When I “create” a character, complete with look and backstory, changing anything about the initial look

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Dandelion Dante

Dandelion Dante is an Iplehouse FID Bianca on the curvy body in peach gold. She joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2020. Dandelion is Karla’s younger sister, and they launched DANDELIONs GEAR together, an alternative fashion brand.

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Judith Hofer

Judith Hofer is an Iplehouse FID Isabel on the curvy body in normal skin. She joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2019. Judith is married to Gideon Hofer.

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