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Tag: Elin


It’s the same every year, I almost forget about Halloween. Of course it’s hard to miss the Halloween themed pictures popping up everywhere, but the holiday doesn’t really have any

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Dolly critter friends

Free pattern for a simple dolly critter friend. Who doesn’t want a cuddly companion? Create your own horde of critters for your dolls 🙂

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Happy Easter and stuff!

Easter picture series of previous years mostly featured the kids in festive dresses. Spring flowers and classic Easter decoration. For this year I thought I’d ask the most unlikely Easter

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Halloween fun

Happy Halloween! Who would be better suited to pose for Halloween pictures than my little ghost girl Lily? She seems to have found a new friend for the occasion. Unfortunately

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Sunday pictures

Sunday again, and a little spare time to take some pictures. Sophia has been tidying up the living room.   This picture is for the generous spender of the cotton

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Cozy get-together

Just some pictures… I had one of those doll sofas with a faded red velvet cover and I just finished refurbishing it. As you can see I changed the color

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Percy pink

I had a conversation the other day about styling and colors and that there’s usually very little pink in my pictures. We can do pink 😉 Amanthis and her plush

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