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Happy Easter and stuff!

Easter picture series of previous years mostly featured the kids in festive dresses. Spring flowers and classic Easter decoration. For this year I thought I’d ask the most unlikely Easter model: Ruben. Cute and bright Easter pictures aren’t exactly his thing. He agreed to do a “Happy Easter and stuff” model job, though. I made a little hand puppet for the pictures I had in mind. The bunny is felted- I wanted it to look a bit shoddy, not too neat and cute. But Mr Grumpy with a bunny is kind of cute, isn’t he? Haha… he threatened to whack me over the head with the puppet if I dared to write that. 🙂



But of course the bunny didn’t go unnoticed, and the kids claimed it eventually. So you get a second helping of Easter pictures. All cute and not at all grumpy. Dots went for stripes – one of my friends made this little striped Easter bunny. Dots got the handmade bunny, but I ate the chocolate one that came with it. :). Thanks, Elke!




6 thoughts on “Happy Easter and stuff!”

  1. Oh my, he definitely is Mr Grumpy! I liked Dorothy with the pink bunny the best, honestly! And your Sylvie looks so sad D:
    Lovely photos and have a nice day!

  2. Happy Easter Mia! And yes, sorry Ruben, but you DO look cute with your hand puppet-bunny lol! The striped bunny is cute as well, what a nice present from your friend!

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