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Tag: Edwin

Happy Easter and stuff!

Easter picture series of previous years mostly featured the kids in festive dresses. Spring flowers and classic Easter decoration. For this year I thought I’d ask the most unlikely Easter

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Boys and birds

I usually don’t post about things that are not doll- or sewing related, but I’ll make an exception today. And since Finn and Peregrin helped, it’s not entirely without dolls

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Sunday pictures

Sunday again, and a little spare time to take some pictures. Sophia has been tidying up the living room.   This picture is for the generous spender of the cotton

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The sunny lane

I was hoping to take some pictures outside, but now that it’s sunday and I have the time it’s all still too wet from the drizzle this morning. Had to

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Happy New Year!

It’s the last day of the year 2015, and I want to say thanks for a great doll year. I had a lot of fun with my old-established characters and

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Finn Luna MacLean

Finn Luna MacLean is an Iplehouse JID boy Edwin on the muscle body in normal skin. He joined the Moonchild community in 2015. Finn is Neala’s fraternal twin and a member of the MacLean family clan.

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New arrivals

…and another birthday, mine this time. These cuties are my gift to myself. I am so happy with them. Isar was a favorite for some time, but I never realised

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