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Boy clothes and posing fails

Today I wanted to take pictures of some JID boy clothes. The poor guys have been neglected for some time now, but I made them a bunch of shirts, pants and other stuff.

I still had the background fabric arranged from the twin photos this morning, so I used it for the boys too. Not really masculine, but it’ll have to do.

Fritz came along too. Peregrin was very disciplined at first – Finn and Fritz not so much.




Fritz wanted to be in the picture, too.

Iplehouse Kyle – Peregrin Luna McLean

Not that much, please. 


Down, Fritz!




Ok, guys, can you please just pose naturally?

Iplehouse Kyle – Peregrin Luna McLean

Thank you, and now the blue stripes, Peregrin.

Iplehouse Kyle – Peregrin Luna McLean

More over here!

Iplehouse Kyle – Peregrin Luna McLean

Not you, Fritz!

Iplehouse Kyle – Peregrin Luna McLean

My ear is wet now, eeww.

Iplehouse Kyle – Peregrin Luna McLean

I have to continue this some other day. Finn and Peregrin started goofing around after this and I couldn’t talk them into showing off any more clothes.

3 thoughts on “Boy clothes and posing fails”

  1. Great looking clothes! I love seeing boys in casual stuff that guys might actually wear. Did you make your own patterns? My two JID boys haven't had anything new to wear in eons and what they do have was made by Iplehouse. Clearly they have taken a back seat to my FIDs.

  2. Thank you :). Oh I am with you there, most of the stuff ist this kind of emo-goth stuff. Rrabbit has some nice clothes, though. I made them from a pattern on my pattern page. Somehow my JID boys don't get clothes as often as other dolls. Can Fid men wear JID boy stuff?

  3. I love that clothing! Those sleeves on the first photo are perfect, and I love the stripped one and the matching lines 😀 I always fail to match stripes, sadly T_T

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