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Boys and birds

I usually don’t post about things that are not doll- or sewing related, but I’ll make an exception today. And since Finn and Peregrin helped, it’s not entirely without dolls ;).

As some of you might know I have a garden. It’s just a small backyard garden with an old brick wall and lots of bee-friendly perennials. It’s also a very bird-friendly garden, I have two bird baths and a nest box for blue tits. Since I put it up at least 25 little blue tits grew up in it, and a lot of them seem come back to visit my garden. At least I think it’s them, they seem to know my garden well and are cheekier than other birds. I had a small bird feeder, but it fell apart after the first winter.

And with all the left over wood from doll projects I decided it was time for a new bird feeder. Finn and Peregrin helped to built it.




It has been out in the garden for three days now, and apart from a happily chirping clan of great and blue tits it has already been visited by several chaffinches, a jay, woodpeckers, black birds, a robin, a goldfinch and a bullfinch. I’ve been looking out the window way too much, I should be working ;). But it’s so much fun, and I wonder what birds will find their way to the take-away when word gets around. And since I made it with seed compartments I don’t need to refill it every day. Hopefully the construction will reduce the amount of droppings on the food, too.

And last but not least something entirely different:
I also just finished a new shirt for Everett…

Iplehouse Leonard – Everett Gregoriev


6 thoughts on “Boys and birds”

  1. I am always envious of your woodworking skills. Great work on the bird feeder. I like that you used very tiny perches around the perimeter, which should discourage squirrels. The less they have to hold onto the better, although I've found that no feeder is completely inaccessible to the furry little rodents. I gave up on bird feeders years ago when the squirrels spilled sunflower seeds all over the ground and eventually destroyed the feeders. I'll admit their antics were fun to watch, however. 😀

    Love Everett's new shirt!

  2. Thank you :). Except one very shy red squirrel I have seen years ago, there are no squirrels to consider, so it should be squirrelsafe. The tiny perches are for the sunflower seeds, the birds like to sit on them to pick them open. I just hope it doesn't attract rats.

  3. Oh that's a really neat birdfeeder Mia, I love it when birds visit my garden too. I had a little birdhouse for a long time, first it was home to spiders then after a year birds moved in and made it home. However after several years and an attack by some rather nasty cockatoos, it began to fall apart . . . those cockatoos literally ate those birds out of house and home.

    I'd love to see more of your garden when you have time. 🙂

    Everett looks handsome in his new shirt, I like the pattern on the fabric very much.
    Big hugs,

  4. Thank you :). There are some pictures with dolls in the garden, but they are somewhere hidden in old posts… And the garden doesn't look it's best at this time of year.

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