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Tag: Doria FID

Mistakes to fashion

Has it ever happened to you that you cut the same pattern piece twice, I mean without flipping it over for the right or left side? Of course you can

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Spoilt for choice

I have made lots of bags… and there will probably be even more. But like with all props, there’s the question how to store them. I know that if I

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Silent night

This year has been difficult. And Christmas will be different for many of us. I hope you all can enjoy Christmas with your loved ones. I wish you a peaceful

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More rags :). Not really rags, but asymmetrical tea dyed clothes with open hems. Karla wears them so well that I couldn’t resist to make just another post showing off

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New clothes for Karla

I have finished some more clothes for Karla. Unfortunately the weather has been so gloomy and wet that I didn’t have enough time to take pictures of all of them,

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Karla Dante

Karla Dante is an Iplehouse FID Doria on the classic body in normal skin. She joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2020. Karla is Dandelion’s sister, and they launched DANDELIONs GEAR together, an alternative fashion brand.

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