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New clothes for Karla

I have finished some more clothes for Karla. Unfortunately the weather has been so gloomy and wet that I didn’t have enough time to take pictures of all of them, and those I did take are not the best. My photographic skills are just not good enough to work with low autumn sun.

I imagined Karla with a slightly different style, but since I first put her in rags I knew this was her thing- or at least something she likes. Rags meaning asymmetric Boho style clothes that are not ironed and without finished hems. I really had to hold myself back from cleaning them up, but the style works best with fabric that looks torn or at least a bit messy.  But the jacket with embroidery at least is hemmed, and the pictures with her whole dress turned out too dark, so expect lose threads next time 🙂

And I made some vests to go with the dresses / skirts, but I only managed to take pictures of the fringed leather vest before it started to rain again.

It’s not the best time of year to take pictures, when I come home it’s almost dark, and when it’s a rainy Sunday I have to go without a post for the week. But I was lucky it’s a Sunday and we had an hour of late afternoon sun today, so here you go.


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