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Karla’s shades of grey

Not 50, just two or three. I made this dress a while ago, but I think I never took pictures of it. Karla wanted to wear it, even if it’s not her usual style. She made it her own with a scarf and picked a grey bag to go with it.


10 thoughts on “Karla’s shades of grey”

  1. Definitely a style that looks lovely on Karla, even if it isn’t hers usually. The dress is beautiful and so are the accessories, it’s a pretty picture!

  2. I love this darling dress and scarf! Your own pattern? What fabric is the scarf? And did you wet and twist the scarf fabric to get that effect? Sorry for all the questions! It is a fun spring/ summer frock.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the dress is my own pattern. The scarf is actually just a piece cotton gauze bandage, and I dyed it together with some shirts. Those bandages are from expired first aid kits, they usually end up in the trash.

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