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Lucky fall and new clothes

Do you know that moment of shock, the rush of heat in fear of damage when a doll falls and you are not quick enough to catch them? Karla fell today, face down on my shoe. Wen I picked her up I saw she had a black smudge on her nose and eyebrow. I really felt like crying. To my relief the smudge came off with a cotton ball, warm water and dish detergent. The tip of her nose is a tiny bit shiny now, but it could have been much worse. The last picture was taken after the fall, and it’s hardly noticeably.

But first something completely different: New dolls mean new clothes. And since all my dolls have their own clothes I like to store them separately. Some stuff like panty hoses, shoes and shawls are shared, but most of the clothes belong to one doll only.

And I found the ideal storage boxes. They are made to store paper or documents, and they are a little larger than a sheet of paper. It’s very sturdy cardboard, they have a lid and you can store them either upright like books or on top of each other. They are usually on offer once or twice a year at Aldi, together with cardboard magazine holders. I love these boxes. They are large enough to store clothes for one doll, but they don’t take up that much space. And it’s easier to find items if they are not in a big box at the bottom of the pile. I don’t care much for the designs, but they look ok.

Cardboard boxes with lid


But now to the new clothes. I made a panty hose for Karla, and she has a new vest. It’s made from a fabric that’s really annoying when you have dry hands. Mine are really rough from all the disinfectant I have to use at work. The calluses caught on tiny elastic threads every time I touched it. Her new boots from He-meife arrived a while ago, and I made some fun stripy leg warmers to cover the laces. They are always far too long, but I rather hide them than cut them.


12 thoughts on “Lucky fall and new clothes”

  1. Ah yes, that universal moment of shock when a doll falls. I think we’ve all been there. Glad the damage to Karla’s faceup was minimal. I had a doll once that did a face plant on my dining room table: his nose left a sizeable dent in the tabletop, luckily he escaped unscathed. Those paper boxes are a great solution for storing outfits, so long as you remember to label all the boxes. (I would put it off until “later” and then forget to do it.) Love the new vest. I can fully sympathize with the dry hands catching on the fabric. My hands are so dry I can’t open the dog’s poop bags without moistening my fingers. I try to remember to do that indoors before I take her out. 😀

    1. I think I remember you wrote about that incident. I would prefer a dent in the tabletop over a broken nose any time :). I guess you would have to do a lot more labeling with all your dolls. If the boxes all look different I don’t label them either, but that only works as long as you don’t “tidy up” and move stuff from one box to another… Ahhh… yes, pet peeve… plastic bags that won’t open- or gloves, for that matter.

      1. I try not to tidy up if at all possible. The last time I did I misplaced a group of outfits that don’t want to be found, no matter how hard I try. One is a waitress uniform that would go perfectly with my diner and bakery sets. I swear I’ve opened every box. They’re just gone.

  2. Oh yes, I dropped my Impldoll Alma once and her skull broke, I was horrified! I ordered a new piece via Alice’s Collections and received a whole new head plus the replacement of the piece, that was so nice. The boxes are great, I’ve never seen them here in our Aldi stores. The vest is lovely, and you can make panty hose, that’s amazing. That must be difficult!

    1. Oh no, I can well imagine your horror. But it’s great that you got a replacement. I am pretty sure those boxes are available at other shops too, but I never actively searched for them. I guess those special offer deals vary from country to country. Thank you :). I don’t really like the self made panty hoses, because you can always see the seamline, but I didn’t find any in the color I wanted. Sewing very stretchy material is always a bit more tricky, but I do it by hand, so it’s not that difficult.

  3. The only time one of my dolls fell, was Cookie. Partner was going up the stairs, 1 story away, and he told me he heard my frightneed scream xD

    Happy to read that the smudge came oh. Probably shiny due to loosing the sealant?

    Also, the new clothes are looking great! And don’t get me started on the storage solution, cute boxes FTW.

  4. Oh boy do I know how you felt … I had two dolls fall in the dead of night just recently … frightened the life out of me! I was lucky they were only vinyl play dolls though.
    Your Karla is such a beautiful model and she wears everything you make for her so well.
    Big hugs,

  5. I’ve been there… My Brianna (Raccoon girl) fell on the… rocks, on the beach in Norway. My heart stopped, belive me. It took me a while to gather myself and pick her up. I was schocked – nothing happened! But still it almost cost me a heart attack… 😉
    Great idea with these boxes!
    Beautiful photos.

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