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Remember Dandelion’s red top and pants a couple posts ago? I had made a belt for this outfit, but it didn’t look right with the top. So I made another top, something between a long shirt and a tunic. And a boho-style skirt. I thought of combining the pattern with the tiny red poppies and the red vines when I saw them together in the box the order came in. Just never got around to actually do it. But now I have, and Dandelion loves it.

So here she is, skirt, shirt, belt and all….


Of course the shirt works with the leggings as well. The glow is the reflection of my wooden table. It’s not the best picture, but I like the glow.


Iplehouse Bianca – Dandelion Dante

14 thoughts on “Red rags”

  1. This is a beautiful combination, the belt is lovely with the top and skirt. Love this bohemian look 🙂

  2. Lisa Muniz Stephenson

    Oh, it’s beautiful on the lovely Dandelion! My favorite is the last photo with the leggings and the glow

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