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Solovet looks a bit buttoned up today. Which might have something to do with her new dress. I have a sewing phase again, and while I am happily hand-sewing away, I listen to Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles audiobooks read by Luke Daniels. Great fun.

This dress is made from muslin, and even if it’s a flower design I think it’s still not too girly for Solovet’s style. Maybe the color adds to that. A little collar and short sleeves, a low waistline and the button panel combined with a medium length skirt – and Solovet has a new summer dress.


10 thoughts on “Buttoned up”

  1. Beautiful, the fabric and cut are lovely. 🙂 Love the collar as well, it looks great! Happy listening while sewing!

      1. No, I just now looked them up, sounds like a great book series, it kind of seems a bit similar to the TV series Supernatural, subject wise.

        1. Half of the fun is thanks to the reader, maybe you can find one of the audiobooks on youtube. Luke Daniels is a great voice actor.

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