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Go Boho!

Of all the bags I created lately, this one is my favorite. And I managed to drop a bag of seed beads in the process of making it. So picking up about a 100 tiny beads must count for something ;).


Remember the boot belts I made some months ago? I added the picture in case you missed that post.

I thought it would be nice to make a matching bag. The bag is made using the saddle bag pattern. The rest is the result of an embellishment craze ;).

It was originally intended for Karla, but Dandelion claimed it. I don’t think she’ll let go of it.



Apparently the latest update of the blog theme wrecked my header. I hope you can still see the menu, I switched to a background color until they fix the bug. I didn’t check all browsers.

8 thoughts on “Go Boho!”

  1. Lovely set Mia, I already liked the boots belts, but the bag is making it even cooler. OMG, I can imagine how “fun” it was to drop those little thingies, yikes!

    1. Thank you! I am really glad I have laminate flooring. In my previous apartment I had beautiful old wooden flooring, and everything that small would have vanished in the gaps.

  2. Hi Mia!
    Oh this is a beautiful bag and looks really great with the boots. I don’t know much about the Boho style, but they have a very American Indian look to me. I keep meaning to make some bags myself but still haven’t got round to it yet…BAD ME!!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you! It’s probably more of a hippie/gypsy look, and you are right, it does have a Native vibe. Oh, the simple ones are done so quickly that I am sure you could do them in no time. :).

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