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Happy New Year!

I wish you all a happy 2018, with a lot of happy dolly hours.

Roux had to do today what she is supposed to do: She’s a fashion doll after all. So posing and fashion it is.

Without further ado, outfits for you.



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. She'll get one if you check your mail :). I have so much fun sewing for her, she's such a great size for experiments like that. I made a mistake with that one, I had planned to make the free parts exactly the other way round, but I cut the wrong part for the zipper. Doesn't matter, really, I just had the mirrored dress in mind.

  2. Happy new year for you too!! I love the new blog design, and to be honest, that one-shoulder dress is so perfect!! I love that kind of assymetric dresses, you sew amazingly well! <3

  3. Happy New Year to you too!!
    The dress looks amazing on her <3 Did you sew it?
    It fits her curves perfectly… great work

  4. Thank you! It's much less cluttered, I hope. Her size is just great for trying new designs. And since she's a grown up her style can be different from the JIDs, who are kids in my setting.

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