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Tag: Kyle

Time for cardigans

I use to change the doll’s clothes when it gets colder- even if they are just standing in their closet. Solovet has a new shirt, and Peregrin doesn’t look particularly

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Boys and birds

I usually don’t post about things that are not doll- or sewing related, but I’ll make an exception today. And since Finn and Peregrin helped, it’s not entirely without dolls

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Rainy day

And bad light, obviously. Peregrin, Fritz and Sophia don’t mind a bit of rain, though.

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Peregrin Luna MacLean

Peregrin Luna MacLean is an Iplehouse JID boy Kyle on the muscle body in normal skin. He joined the Moonchild community in 2016. He is Solovet’s son and a member of the MacLean family clan.

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Wig jam

When your doll picks the least likely wig… Sometimes these little lumps of resin make their own decisions. The two wigs I ordered for one of my new characters are

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