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Category: EID


This is kind of a sad post. Today would have been my sister’s birthday. Her death was the reason I started with the dolls, and

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Moments of closeness

Moments of closeness… Since they have been friends for such a long time Tristania and Ruben feel pretty relaxed in each other’s company. But there’s

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Bonds and stories

Bonds.. All kids love softhearted Seraphine, and Fiona is fascinated by her.   Tristania and Ruben are just goofing around..      

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Ruben Luna Andersson

Ruben Luna Andersson is an EID Rex on the model body in normal skin. He joined the Moonchild community in 2014 with his daughter Sophia. They live in Tristania’s house. Ruben and Tristania have history and a complicated relationship. Ruben was the first doll with tattoos in the house.

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Finished Ruben’s and Alasdair’s hands today. I was curious how it would look to add some wrinkles to the blushing, and I like how it

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