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Big boy pictures

When I took Ruben out of the closet for the shirt pictures of the last post, I realized that he hadn’t made an appearance for a long time. He is so tall and heavy that it’s difficult to handle him.Β  I have not made anything new for him, just wanted to give him the chance to get some air..




12 thoughts on “Big boy pictures”

  1. Jennifer Kohn Murtha

    Be still my beating heart…he’s really stunning and yet seems unaware of his good looks.

      1. Jennifer Kohn Murtha

        I understands how he feels. He reminds me of my husband, also with extraordinary good lucks, but never realized it and so never understood why all these women went gaga over him…

          1. Jennifer Kohn Murtha

            My husband is a theoretical physicist, so he didn’t pay attention to anything but physics and me…never, ever realized his movie star good looks. I have to say, loved his looks but it was his brain that really got to me.

    1. Ruggedly handsome, but I think he could be somewhat moody. It’s nice to see him again Mia, been quite some time since he’s been out visiting all these swooning women. πŸ˜„

      I’m with you on your last comment, but sometimes that naivety can get them into big trouble.
      Big hugs,

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