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Spring time reminder

What does Walden want to tell me? Okay, I admit it, I didn’t post pictures of him for a long time, but he is not forgotten.

The day before Worker’s Day was warm and sunny for a change. My garden is a sea of blue blossoms at the moment. Mostly forget-me-nots, but purple rock cress and bluebells add different shades. Inspiration to pick a blue and white shirt for Walden, some flowers and grab the camera. Forget-me-nots have the perfect scale, and Walden loves flowers. And he looks just adorable with the flowers, doesn’t he? Such a sweet guy.





10 thoughts on “Spring time reminder”

  1. Love the sweater, and the flowers 😊 Walden is a beautiful boy, I hadn’t seen him yet I think. Hugs!!

  2. Gorgeous flowers. I love the vibrant blue. Wish I had such lovely flowers in my gardens!

    Of course the boy holding them also looks quite sweet. He looks like he would like reading books. Is he a bookworm too?

    1. Thank you! They are everywhere, I could send you some :). He likes books, and he has his very own character story. All my dolls have, you find them under “family”.

      1. You have a a lovely group of dolls. I particuarly love the work you did on Leaf. She looks amazing. I just looked through the other tabs too. Your dioramas are gorgeous and very detailed. It’s always nice to have something to photograph dolls in isn’t it? I just wish I had the space to make dioramas that didn’t have to fold up and pack away all the time.

        1. Thank you so much for taking a look :). Leaf was fun, but I don’t do that much with her. Good reminder to change that. Yes, I know, space is always a problem. Mine sit in my living room, I don’t have storage space either.

  3. He looks *so* calm and happy on those photos, that is relaxing watching that smile! The colours really suit him.
    I agree with Alasse–you have a lovely group of dolls!

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