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4kids 4colors: Dots in green

Dots has two new dresses – and one overall I made a while ago.

The first one has tiny white tulips on green ground. Dots chose buttons in different colors for this one.


And since Dots is called Dots for a reason, this one sports her favorite pattern. The fabric is called galaxy dots, and the fabric is a bit shiny. The slight color change of the green background is hardly visible in this scale. Dots is not the type for lace, but this bit of trim doesn’t look to frilly I think.



Maybe you remember this bib overall. I added it here because it fits nicely into the green scheme.

Iplehouse Celina – Dorothy Luna McLean


This is the last one of the 4kids 4colors series, and I hope I didn’t bore you too much with all the KID dress posts. The kids are happy they have new dresses, even though they probably have to wait until next year before they can enjoy wearing summer wardrobe again. It’s really getting colder- and it’s raining! My garden looks lush and green again.

9 thoughts on “4kids 4colors: Dots in green”

  1. The outfits and the colours are gorgeous. I love that you let them decide. Dolls do have their own mind on certain matters. 😅

  2. Every outfit is just darling! I love your sweet girl, too. My two KIDs really need clothes. I should get busy and sew! I love the fit on the overalls that you got. You are so clever. I assume these are your patterns? So cute!

    1. Thank you, Cathryn! I have some patterns in the sewing section, in case you want to try them. The bib overall is basically the pants pattern with a bib.

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