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4kids 4colors: Fiona in pink

Next in line is Fiona. She liked this pattern, little white butterflies on light old rose, and I made leggings in a darker shade to go with it. The dress has a little pocket with a button. Who knows what she keeps in there?



I have to find another wig cap in her size, without it her wig tends to slip back. I just saw it in the pictures and didn’t notice her receding hairline before.

The next one is very pink. I added lace trim and buttons. The leggings I made for this are a little lighter. The last one just has some pink flowers mixed with blue and white.

8 thoughts on “4kids 4colors: Fiona in pink”

  1. Lovely, Fiona Luna looks beautiful in shades of pink. Pockets are always a huge plus! Maybe it’s best not to know what she keeps in them haha!

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